Floodlight Operation

Below please find a few helpful notes so as you can enjoy our new facility of floodlighting on Courts 3 and 4 at The Parade.

The lighting is available to all our members upon receipt of your 2014 subscription fees. The lights will function daily up to 9.00pm. Children seeking to use the lights may only do so under the continual supervision of an adult. Once you have paid your membership, you can request the court codes from our membership secretary, Sue Jones. There is a different 4-digit code for each court and the same code must be re-entered to turn off the lights when you have finished playing. The keypad can be found on the metal box adjacent to the clubhouse. We would respectfully ask that you are discreet when entering the code. It may be helpful for your first couple of visits to bring a torch. There is a five-minute time delay once you have come off court and entered the code to turn off the lights. This gives you enough time to get to your vehicle safely and leave The Parade.

Important – Please enter the code even if you finish at 9pm and the lights go out. Otherwise the lights will come on automatically the next day.

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